P shot tulsa

For a male, not much can be worse than the fear of losing sexual function, as sex is a big… P shot tulsa

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P shot tulsa

For a male, not much can be worse than the fear of losing sexual function, as sex is a big part of every male’s life. Unfortunately, this happens naturally to men as they age. Men experience erectile dysfunction, a decline in sexual appetite, and an inability to become or stay aroused. These effects can be devastating for men! The good news is that there is a completely safe and natural way to get things back on track.

Have you heard of the P shot? If so, Gorospe Health is a great place to get treatment. Our licensed practitioners can administer the P shot safely and quickly. Give yourself the best chance to see the results you want by choosing the clinic that knows how to administer the P shot best.

What is the P Shot and is it Safe?

Gorospe Health is the number one clinic for men who want the P shot in Tulsa. The P shot uses platelet-rich plasma to restore sexual function and health in men. Trust us when we tell you that the solution for men who experience these problems is not pill-popping or implants. There are no health risks, no side effects, and no downtime with the P shot.

The P shot is a non-invasive, completely safe cosmetic and sexual male rejuvenation treatment. The shot works by injecting platelet-derived growth factors extracted from your own blood into your penis. This injection stimulates multi-potent stem cells, which, in turn, generates additional functioning tissue in your areas of sexual response.

Can the P Shot Make Your Penis Bigger?

Your platelet-rich plasma contains growth factors that work to rejuvenate your blood vessels and stimulate the production of new ones. After the P shot, you will experience much more blood flow to the penis. This increased blood flow to the penis will help you sustain erections for a longer period and enjoy greater sensation during intercourse.

If the P shot seems too good to be true, then you’re really going to love this next point! Because the P shot does a lot more than just restore sexual function, which for most men; this would be good enough! Since the P shot promotes the growth of new cells, it can make your penis size bigger. While this may seem too good to be true, we encourage you to read the results of the countless people who have had the P shot already. It’s not uncommon for patients to report penis growth of an additional one or two inches in length and girth.

The P Shot is Quick and Painless

If you are interested in the P shot in Tulsa, give us a call or stop by if you would like to see our clinic in-person. The procedure is quick and painless. We’ll take a small amount of your blood and separate the PRP using a specialized centrifuge. We’ll then apply a local anesthetic and give you an injection. You’ll be done in less than 20 minutes.

P shot tulsa

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P shot tulsa

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