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A natural source, rich in omega 3 essential fatty acids, utilizing omega 3 fish oil as a food supplement provides you with nutrition rich in two fatty acids, EPA and DHA.

It’s an excellent source of omega 3 essential fatty acids, the fat that the body needs for heart health.

Omega 3 fish oil may be used to improve organ function and may help to reduce fat levels inside the blood.

The other health benefits studies have discovered for fish oil are as described below.

The omega 3 fatty acids contained in fish oil are the primary cause for the numerous benefits it provides.

There’re several of these omega 3 essential fatty acids that support health, these include, Alpha-linolenic acid, Gamma-linolenic acid, EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid).

The problem is that our bodies are unable to make them, which explains why it is essential we acquire them from foods that contain them.

Inflammation can be the cause behind many chronic health conditions, including cardiovascular disease, rheumatoid arthritis, bronchial asthma, crohn’s disease, some types of cancer and a host of other health ailments.

Despite this, research has shown that fish oil promotes the production of the body’s inflammation regulation and management hormones, called prostaglandins.

Inflammation in the joints triggered by arthritis can also be more effectively managed by the omega 3 found in fish oil and its anti-inflammatory properties.

Those who make fish oil a part of their diet on a regular basis are less likely to suffer from ailments and problems triggered by inflammation.

It’s long been known that those with diabetes type 2 are prone to experience other health issues associated with this condition.

In time, high blood sugar levels might end up damaging critical organs.

Harm to the large and small blood vessels is more commonly reported in patients with diabetes, which can lead to a heightened risk of heart attack and stroke.

Numerous researchers accept that some individuals with diabetes were able to notice a reduction in symptoms by diligently watching diet and exercise.

Still, research done at the University of Oxford indicates that diabetics were able to lower triglyceride in the blood by taking fish oil.

This can be helpful in decreasing the risk of clogged arteries brought on by cholesterol, and help with the reduction of stroke or heart attack.

The right quantity of fish oil may have a massively positive effect on weight loss.

Research undertaken at the University of South Australia shows that people who took fish oil supplements, benefited from a noticeably higher rate of weight loss compared to those people who took nothing.

The efficacy of exercise on the body was dramatically improved in patients who took fish oil and as a result, the study discovered that one could lose more weight with less effort spent.

Omega 3 has also been found to be useful for reducing insulin resistance in a number of people.

Reduced insulin resistance leads to the patient feeling satiated more quickly after eating, which is helpful in reducing the incidence of eating too much with each meal sitting, but it also lessens food cravings at the same time.

People appear to be really excited when it comes to omega 3 essential fatty acids and fish oil, yet still, they are not really sure of the reasons it is so valuable.

The principal factor is, the omega 3 fatty acids cannot be created by our bodies, so the only recourse will be to obtain these necessary essential oils from our diets.

It’s been recommended by physicians and researchers, that consuming fish at the least two times a week as your primary meal is vital to obtain the amount of omega 3 you need.

The thing is that not everyone is able to do this.

In this situation, using a fish oil supplement is the best solution in order to make sure you’re getting sufficient omega 3 essential fatty acids.

You will take pleasure in a wide range of health benefits when you’re getting enough quantities of omega 3 from your diet.

You can find a lot of studies conducted on a multinational scale, that have repeatedly proven the significance of ensuring you’ve got adequate quantities of this essential fatty oil in what you eat.

Omega 3 essential fatty acids, has been employed to reduce the circulation of blood issues, for quite a while now.

This can aid in reducing or controlling blood pressure in some people, and help to lower the chance of heart attack or stroke.

Researchers at the University of Oxford inside the UK discovered that fish oil can be effective in lowering triglycerides in the blood.

Associated with cholesterol, these bad fats are those that cause poor blood flow due to arterial thinning.

Better flow of blood ensures more blood gets to the brain.

The effect is, the brain receives an increased amount of the nutrients it needs to operate at top performance, which bring about a reduction in the severity of various symptoms linked to nervous system disorders, such as depression and anxiety.

There are plenty of individuals who search for ways to deal with the less than enjoyable symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.

Symptoms can include painful abdominal cramps, bloating, gas, constipation or diarrhea.

Research had been done on the regular diets of people with irritable bowel syndrome, discovering that many consume a standard Western diet high in red meat, saturated fat and carbohydrates.

A lot of these foods, often are triggers for some individuals, while other people are affected by spicy foods or liquor.

However, studies learned that individuals noticed a reduction in inflammation when they obtained healthy amounts of Omega 3, from consuming more fish and less trigger-foods or by taking fish oil supplements.

This will cause a reduction in the severity of the symptoms, in many patients.

Fish and seafood have always been associated as being ‘brain food’.

Studies conducted not too long ago, at the Louisiana State University and the University of California, has discovered however, that omega 3 coming from fish oil can help throughout the treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.

A similar research similarly shows that, there were less cases of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia among those who dined on large amounts of fish combined with seafood.

Therefore, it’s obvious that omega 3 fatty acids can be very effective by being able to help in the prevention of these kinds of health conditions.

At the University of Illinois, studies indicates that low amounts of omega 3 essential fatty acids in someone’s diet can result in infertility.

Males with omega 3 problem are going to have problems with an enzyme, that’s at poor levels, which plays a part in fertility.

That research found an increase in sperm motility in a number of males who used fish oil and raised their omega 3 essential fatty acids levels.

The identical study equally indicated that females with inadequate omega 3 essential fatty acids inside the body, may be a likely cause of lowered fertility, and, are looking at an increased risk of miscarriage.

The research then discovered that fish oil might play a part in assisting to bring back a more natural balance to hormone levels, that might have contributed to the fertility problems.

Fish oil may be quite beneficial for lowering the severity of menstrual cramping.

Studies carried out from the Case Western Reserve University, discovered that fish oil is in many cases highly capable of dealing with depression and anxiety.

Researchers noted that the level of depression recorded in areas where fish is a staple is a lot lower.

Places where fish is not such an essential part of the diet, have shown a constant growth in the amount of documented instances of depression and anxiety.

It has been discovered that one can decrease anxiety and stress levels, and decrease the symptoms of depression, using the omega 3 essential fatty acids present in fish oil.


The appeal of fish oil should be abundantly evident, based purely on the number of health benefits it can provide.

You can increase your omega 3 intake by eating a range of omega 3-rich foods, so try to concentrate on incorporating some of these into your regular meal plans at least twice each week.

You’ll receive the most concentrated amounts of omega 3 from fish, but it’s also available from other foods too, such as eggs and nuts.

Despite it being readily available from food sources, the best way to always know you are getting the right amounts of omega 3 essential fatty acids, is to add fish oil supplements.

Make sure that the manufacturer of the supplements is using impurity-free, high grade fish oil in pure form.

Take the time to look at the label in order to steer clear of supplements using inferior quality fish oil, a product with a high purity level, is significantly more potent.