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Omega 3 fish oil dietary supplements are a source of DHA and EPA, the essential fatty acids behind fish oil health benefits.

The oil is derived from the tissue of oily fish. Omega 3 fish oil is an excellent way to obtain omega 3 fatty acids, polyunsaturated fats that may help support heart health.

The other health benefits studies have uncovered for fish oil are contained in the next paragraphs.

Taking the right amount of fish oil may have a massively positive impact on weight loss.

Research carried out by the University of South Australia, learned that patients who weren’t given supplements, experienced noticeably lower weight loss than patients who received fish oil supplements.

The study found that exercise is rendered more effective with the supplementation of fish oil, which results in less effort being required to lose weight.

Some patients also experienced a reduction in insulin resistance due to omega 3.

Not only do patients feel more satisfied faster, which means they aren’t likely to give in to excess food consumption during a meal, but study participants also experiences less cravings.

Many serious health problems, like bronchial asthma, some types of cancers, rheumatoid arthritis, crohn’s disease, heart disease and a range of other problems can be the result of inflammation.

Nevertheless, studies have shown that fish oil triggers the production of prostaglandins within the body, which are designed to control and regulate the level of inflammation within the body.

Omega 3 has potent anti-inflammatory properties, which can be beneficial for reducing inflammation in the joints caused by arthritis.

Individuals are less at risk of developing certain types of ailments associated with inflammation when fish oil is taken regularly.

In asthma, sufferers are unable to breathe in the right way as this condition affects airways.

This type of chronic inflammation of the airways is a far more acute affliction than many people realize.

However, the University of Sydney, from research, has found out that fish oil could play an active part in reducing the likelihood of asthma attacks.

This research is supported by similar research carried out in Wyoming showed that healthy levels of omega 3 from fish oil in the diet may help decrease asthma symptoms in some people.

Experts in France have discovered that fish oil helps decrease the degree of inflammation, which is what is causing the airways to tighten during an attack.

Precisely the same research found out that the general functioning of the breathing apparatus saw significant improvements as a result of adding fish oil in to the diet.

Even though it’s very likely to help in reducing the risk of symptoms, it is always strongly warned that asthmatics continue their normal asthma treatment recommended by their medical practitioner also.

Studies conducted at the Linus Pauling Institute indicate that people who are deficient in terms of omega 3 fatty acids face increased risks when it comes to cardiovascular problems.

Actually, clinical tests run by the American Heart Association reveal that a regular intake of omega 3 has a significant impact on reducing the chance of cardiovascular disease.

Research also reveals that fish oil might be able to decrease and minimize atherosclerosis, as well as minimizing the amount of harmful triglycerides.

The same research also revealed that those using fish oil supplements on a regular basis were less likely to die of a heart attack.

An individual that has diabetes mellitus is also very likely to struggle with other disorders that may oftentimes be quite severe.

A large number of critical organs within the body might get affected due to the elevated level of sugar inside the blood.

Injury to the large and small blood vessels is more commonly noted in sufferers with diabetes, which might cause a heightened danger of heart attack and stroke.

You can find studies showing that some diabetics were able to relieve some symptoms by altering diet and exercise.

You can find research conducted at the UK University of Oxford that reveal individual patients with diabetes experienced a reduction in triglyceride in the blood when going on fish oil supplements.

This is helpful in cutting down the risk of clogged arteries brought on by cholesterol, and assist in the lowering of heart attack or stroke.

The risk of suffering from a stroke is greatly lowered when an individual incorporates fish oil into their diet, as research carried out at the University of Maryland Medical Center has revealed.

The conclusion was that patients who got adequate doses of omega 3 displayed increased levels of good or HDL cholesterol.

People with healthy ‘good’ cholesterol levels have a far lower risk of developing atherosclerosis.

The narrowing of the arteries caused by an excessive amount of cholesterol being lodged on the walls of your arteries is what this condition is.

There is a far lower chances of you developing this condition if you make sure you get sufficient levels of omega 3.

‘Brain food’ is a expression commonly used to describe fish and seafood.

Research completed at the University of California and at the Louisiana State University, have came to the conclusion that omega 3 fatty acids received from fish oil can have a positive impact on the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

The research moreover, established that people who have a diet consisting of a good amount of fish, combined with seafood, usually have a far lower incidence of having Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

As a consequence, omega 3s seem to be very helpful in cutting down the risks of these health issues from developing.

Research carried out on approximately 9,000 expectant mothers showed that including fish oil in a woman’s diet all the way through her pregnancy, lowered the chances of her experiencing post-natal depression.

It was also revealed that a healthy level of omega 3 indicated there was a lower risk of the mother going into labor prematurely.

The research also found that newborns whose mothers didn’t take fish oil through the course of their pregnancy didn’t have such great hand-eye coordination as those children who’d benefited from adequate amounts of omega 3 during the course of pregnancy.

Liver oil supplements, namely cod liver oil, however, shouldn’t be taken by pregnant mothers.

And so, one should make sure you are taking only the supplements that consist of pure fish oil.

At the University of Illinois, research indicates that low levels of omega 3 in someone’s diet may result in infertility.

The research determine that males low in omega 3 can end up with low levels of an enzyme that impacts fertility.

In cases where males elevate their omega 3 essential fatty acids levels by taking fish oil, the study determined that it literally aided by getting those enzymes back to normal levels, and helps to improve motility of the sperm.

In females, a similar study showed omega 3 essential fatty acids insufficiency do play a part in infertility, and is a factor in greater risk of miscarriage.

By the end of the research, researchers indicated that fish oil may be useful for helping to balance out changing hormone levels that worsen infertility problems.

Fish oil has additionally been associated with a reduction in painful menstruation pains for many females.

Put It All Together

With such clear health benefits, it should be simple to understand why fish oil should be a part of every diet.

By eating the right foods two or three times a week, you will realize that you can easily get more omega 3.

While fish provides the strongest levels of omega 3 essential fatty acids, you still should add alternative options such as nuts and eggs.

You should think about taking fish oil supplements with your regular diet, because it’s the easiest way to ensure your system is getting the correct dose of omega 3.

Be sure that the brand you use is manufactured using high quality fish oil that is pure and has no impurities.

Always take time to check the label so you can avoid any supplements that were made with low quality fish oil, as pure fish oil is best.