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DHA and EPA are the key bioactive ingredients responsible for the health benefits of fish oil. Whereas alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) is the plant-based type of omega 3.

There are many benefits to fish oil. Find out what some of these benefits are, and what they might possibly do.

Seafood and fish have for ages been considered as “brain food.”

Dealing with Alzheimer’s disease in many cases, may be helped with the omega 3 fatty acids contained in fish oil, research done at the Louisiana State University and at the University of California explains.

Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, had been not so prevalent among individuals as their diet consisted of copious amounts of fish combined with seafood, as per the exact research.

Thus, it’s evident that omega 3 essential fatty acids may be highly effective by being able to help in the deterrence of such health issues.

Inflammation can be behind a range of serious health concerns, including crohn’s disease, certain kinds of cancer, cardiovascular disease, bronchial asthma, rheumatoid arthritis and a host of others besides.

However, research indicates that fish oil can help the body to produce prostaglandins, which are the body’s own hormones to control and regulate inflammation in and around the body.

Omega 3 has potent anti-inflammatory properties, which helps to reduce swelling in the joints due to arthritis.

People may reduce their risk of developing certain types of ailments associated with inflammation when fish oil is taken regularly.

The omega 3 essential fatty acids inside fish oil are the primary cause of the many benefits it offers.

A few of these omega 3 essential fatty acids that are known to play a part in improved health, include for example, Alpha-linolenic acid, EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid), DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid), and Gamma-linolenic acid.

The best way to supply our bodies with such nutrients is from food, seeing that our bodies are incapable of producing them.

You might be unaware of the fact that, besides the multitude of other health benefits that fish oil offers, you are far more likely to benefit from having beautiful skin by maintaining healthy levels of omega 3 fatty oils.

Your skin can more easily retain moisture with a boost from fish oil supplements.

If your skin is dry and flaky, then this is encouraging news for you.

Fine lines and wrinkles are also less noticeable simply because your skin is better able to retain moisture.

Fish oil has also been shown to help control acne breakouts by decreasing the production of androgen.

Studies carried out at the University of Maryland Medical Center found that one may lower the risk of stroke by using fish oil.

The study discovered that subjects using omega 3, had greater amounts of HDL cholesterol, commonly referred to as good cholesterol.

People that have healthy ‘good’ cholesterol levels have a lower chance of developing coronary artery disease.

The narrowing of the arteries attributed to an excess of cholesterol being lodged on the walls of the arteries is what this condition is.

It’s possible to significantly decrease the odds of the onset of this disease by making sure your diet has sufficient levels of omega 3.

Nobody is wholly immune against cold and flu viruses.

In the event your body’s defense system is in some manner affected or stressed, then you’re at even more risk of catching various bugs more frequently.

Many research performed globally have indicated that the immunity system’s functionality may gain significantly from fish oil.

The exact studies revealed that omega 3 in fish oil is effective in reducing the feverish symptoms generally linked to colds and flu, and aid in the lowering of inflammation.

Children displaying classic symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder generally have a very short attention span, show hyperactive and impulsive behavior, usually have poor co-ordination, and low concentration levels.

Short-lived memory issues, dyslexia, learning disorders, and emotional issues are among the other symptoms children having ADHD might show.

Including fish oil into the diets of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, seems to have a beneficial impact on their symptoms, according to experts at the University of South Australia.

The brain is made up of 60% of fat, so increasing Omega 3 fatty acid levels in children displaying these behaviors may also help to improve brain function.

A number of studies have discovered that there’s a clear connection between better brain function and fish oil.

Concentration levels seem to benefit from fish oil.

Fish oil can offer some very good results when used as an additional treatment for children with ADHD.

Research conducted from the Case Western Reserve University, found that fish oil may be highly effective at controlling depression and anxiety.

Experts noted that the degree of depression recorded in places where fish is a staple is much lower.

Regions where fish is not such a regular part of the diet, have exhibited a steady growth in the number of recorded instances of depression and anxiety.

It’s been discovered that one could decrease stress and anxiety levels, and lessen the symptoms of clinical depression, using the omega 3 fatty acids obtained from fish oil.

Researchers at the University of Illinois indicate that deficiencies in omega 3 in people may contribute to infertility.

The study found that men short on omega 3 essential fatty acids can encounter low levels of an enzyme affecting fertility.

The research revealed that raising omega 3 essential fatty acids levels by taking fish oil resulted in some males gaining better sperm motility.

In women, a similar study found omega 3 essential fatty acids insufficiency do play a part in infertility, and is a factor in higher risk of miscarriage.

Researchers learned that fish oil had been instrumental in assisting to balance those identical hormones that can affect fertility.

It’s been proven that fish oil can also benefit a number of women in reducing painful menstrual cramps.

People may find that weight loss goals may benefit from the right amount of fish oil.

In a study performed by the University of South Australia, one group of people were taking fish oil supplements, while the other group took no supplements at all, and it was shown that the group of people using the supplement, lost significantly more weight overall.

The efficacy of exercise on the body was noticeably improved in the trial group of people who took fish oil and as a result, the study discovered that it is possible to lose more weight with less effort spent.

Some patients also recognized a decrease in insulin resistance due to omega 3.

Furthermore, patients feel more satisfied sooner, which means they were less likely to over-eat, but study participants also experiences less cravings.

To Conclude

You’ll find a wide range of foods you can add to the foods you eat, to help you increase the amounts of omega 3 fatty acids in your body.

You should look at eating tuna, pilchards, sardines, mackerel or herring, and others, at least a couple of times per week.

Some nuts, like pecans and walnuts, contain omega 3, as well as eggs and flaxseed oil.

Pure fish oil still, remains the perfect source of omega 3 essential fatty acids.

When contemplating a fish oil brand however, make certain that it’s premium quality and reputable.