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A rich, natural source of omega 3 essential fatty acids, omega 3 fish oil taken as a dietary supplement, provides nutrition high in essential fatty acids DHA and EPA.

The two are important for heart health, cognitive function, and inflammatory conditions.

Other benefits studies have uncovered when fish or fish oil is included in the diet, are as follows.

For a while, improving blood circulation was accomplished with the assistance of omega 3 essential fatty acids.

It not only helps to limit the odds of a stroke or cardiac arrest, it helps reduce blood pressure levels and will keep it under control in certain individuals.

It had been reported by a study done at the University of Oxford in the UK that it’s possible for one to cut down triglyceride levels within their bloodstream with the aid of fish oil.

Triglycerides are the bad fats linked to cholesterol, that leads to narrowed arteries and restricted blood circulation.

An increase of blood flow to the brain, is the direct result of better blood flow.

This allows for a far more equal flow of important nourishment into the brain, that can be good for decreasing the severity of nervous system disorders, including depression and anxiety.

For those who suffer from peptic ulcer, you’re well aware of the horrible pain they can bring about in your stomach.

Other sorts of symptoms come with feelings of nausea, acid reflux and dyspepsia.

Research has discovered, nonetheless, that if the diet of an affected individual offers healthy levels of omega 3 essential fatty acids, they do not experience as much discomfort.

Serious symptoms may be relieved through the help of fish oil, helping to make treatment far easier.

The key reason fish oil offers a multitude of benefits, is a result of the omega 3 essential fatty acids present in it.

ALA or Alpha-linolenic acids, GLA or Gamma-linolenic acids, DHA or Docosahexaenoic acid, EPA or Eicosapentaenoic acid, are just a few of the fatty acids which can assist in improving health.

The problem is that our bodies aren’t able to make them, this is exactly why it is crucial we derive them from foods which contain them.

Research carried out at the University of Illinois suggest that both males and females that don’t have adequate omega 3 essential fatty acids as part of the diets may experience infertility.

The research found that men lacking in omega 3 essential fatty acids can end up with low numbers of an enzyme that affects fertility.

That research found a rise in sperm motility in some men who used fish oil and elevated their omega 3 essential fatty acids levels.

For women, the exact research revealed that the absence of omega 3 essential fatty acids can adversely affect fertility, or even bring about a greater risk of miscarriage.

The studies determined that taking fish oil may be good for helping to control hormone fluctuations that might have contributed to low fertility rates.

Omega 3 taken from fish oil was linked to helping ease painful cramps during menstruation.

Low attention span, hyperactivity, lack of focus and poor coordination, are typical classic symptoms children suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder display.

Lots of the children that suffer from ADHD, seem to have problems learning and exhibit dyslexia, short lived memory, and problems with emotional stability.

Experts at the University of South Australia learned, however, that fish oil may help alleviate symptoms in children with ADHD.

The brain is made up of 60% of fat, so enhancing Omega 3 fatty acid levels in children exhibiting these behaviors can also help to improve brain performance.

Boosting brain function is one of the great things about fish oil, based on various studies.

Additionally, it seemingly have a positive impact on concentration and focus.

Fish oil can offer some very good results when applied as an additional treatment for children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Many individuals know only too well about the uncomfortable symptoms caused by irritable bowel syndrome.

There’re symptoms along the lines of, abdominal pains, diarrhea, bowel problems, bloated stomach, and gas.

Research indicates that numerous individuals suffering with IBS, are consuming high levels of saturated fats and carbs as part of the diets.

These foods oftentimes become causes for IBS symptoms, just like sugary foods such as brownies or cookies.

Still, the study also indicated that raising the omega 3 essential fatty acids levels received from oily fish that include mackerel, sardines or pilchards, or by using fish oil supplements, will help to reduce inflammation.

Lowering inflammation will help to decrease the intensity of irritable bowel syndrome symptoms.

There has been an association for those clinically determined to have type II diabetes, they constitute a higher risk for other health issues.

As time goes by, high blood sugar levels can end up damaging important organs.

Diabetes people may encounter a higher risk of stoke or heart attack as a result of blood vessels being compromised in time.

Studies reveal that it is achievable to reduce the severity of symptoms with meticulous monitoring of exercise and diet.

But, research successfully done at the University of Oxford shows that diabetics can lower triglyceride in the blood through taking fish oil.

It has the effect of assisting to reduce the risk of blocked arteries due to cholesterol (atherosclerosis), plus reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Studies conducted on approximately 9,000 expectant mothers showed that including fish oil into a woman’s diet throughout the time of her pregnancy, decreased the likelihood of her suffering from post-natal depression.

The same studies discovered that fewer mothers went into early labor if they’d sufficient quantities of omega 3 in their bodies.

It had been also revealed that newborns whose mother’s had added omega 3 to their diets displayed better hand-eye coordination in comparison to the babies who had not had the benefits of fish oil in the course of the pregnancy.

Liver oil supplements, namely cod-liver oil, however, shouldn’t be taken by expectant mothers.

Pure fish oil supplements is really what you should be using.

The risk of suffering from a stroke is drastically lowered when one incorporates fish oil to their diet, as research conducted at the University of Maryland Medical Center has shown.

The research discovered that patients taking omega 3, had greater levels of HDL cholesterol, more commonly referred to as good cholesterol.

The danger of the onset of atherosclerosis is considerably decreased in people with a healthy level of good cholesterol.

This condition is a result of excessive build up of cholesterol on artery walls, leading them to get thinner.

Should you decide to incorporate sufficient levels of omega 3 to your diet, your chance of developing this disease is drastically reduced.

To Sum Up

Many physicians and dietitians recommend that fish be added into a person’s diet, at least two times per week.

Anytime you can, it is advisable to include other sources of omega 3 essential fatty acids into our diets, whether as snacks or to the main meals.

Examples of these are, hazelnuts, Brazil nuts, kelp, fresh fruits and veggies.

The truth is, this isn’t an option for every person.

It could be about cost, as fresh seafood can be costly in certain locations, or maybe you simply cannot bear the taste of fish.

This is why, it might be a good idea to add fish oil supplements into your diet.

It will provide your body the important omega 3 fatty acids, the human body needs to function efficiently, and help maintain good health.

Always be sure you get only high quality fish oil supplements.

It’s essential to make certain that pure fish oil without any pollutants is being used in the manufacturing of the fish oil supplements you take, that’s essentially the way to getting good results.