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Research suggests that fish oil helps to maintain your heart, brain and eyes. Omega 3 fatty acids are vital nutrients. Oily fish, nuts, and seeds are among the best sources.

Fish oil capsules are a convenient way to obtain these omega 3 essential fatty acids. Other possible benefits research has discovered are mentioned in this article.

There’s been a noticeable link in the overall health and well-being of people who reside in nations, where lots of fish is eaten.

Individuals who have a mainly western diet however, fail to get enough quantities of omega 3 fatty acids through their diet.

There is a possibility that this might be why so many individuals who reside in western cultures, struggle with many health problems.

Our bodies aren’t able to generate omega 3 fatty acids independently.

The food we consume is thus, really the only source of omega 3 available.

The good news is, various foods are a source of omega 3 fatty oils.

You can take fish oil supplements to obtain the omega 3 essential fatty acids you require.

At the University of Illinois, research reveals that low amounts of omega 3 in a patient’s diet can lead to infertility.

The study indicated that a specific enzyme vital for fertility, was lower than normal in males who don’t obtain enough omega 3.

The researchers discovered that by taking fish oil to raise omega 3 levels, turned out to be beneficial for assisting to improve the quality of sperm and motility.

The same, in women going through fertility situations, studies revealed that an absence of omega 3 may be the reason for infertility, plus, there is an increased risk of miscarriage when conception occurred.

The research determined that using fish oil can be beneficial for helping to control hormone fluctuations that may have resulted in low fertility rates.

Fish oil can be very helpful for decreasing the intensity of menstrual cramps.

Studies carried out at the University of Maryland Medical Center found that one can minimize the risk of stroke by using fish oil.

HDL or good cholesterol levels were shown to increase in subjects who received sufficient levels of omega 3.

People who have healthy ‘good’ cholesterol levels have a lower risk of developing coronary artery disease.

It is the term for the condition in which cholesterol accumulates on the walls of the arteries, bringing about the narrowing of the arteries.

The chance of the onset of this condition is drastically lowered when adequate amounts of omega 3 are included into the diet.

It’s for ages been acknowledged that people with diabetes type 2 are likely to undergo other health conditions related to this condition.

Other important organs throughout the body may be adversely affected by high blood sugar.

There is some proof that blood vessels can be affected in diabetic individuals, which could result in increased risks of heart attack and stroke.

There are research to show a number of diabetics were able to alleviate some symptoms by means of modifying diet and exercise.

But still, studies successfully done at the University of Oxford says that diabetics could cut down triglyceride in the blood by using fish oil.

In cases where triglycerides are reduced, the risk of clogged arteries from cholesterol is decreased, as well as the risk of having a heart attack or a stroke.

Taking the right amount of fish oil may have a significantly positive impact on weight loss.

Research done at the University of South Australia reveals that patients who took fish oil supplements, benefited from a noticeably higher amount of weight loss than those subjects who didn’t take anything.

Weight loss was easier to achieve and needed less physical activity to reach the same results, since adding fish oil to the diet resulted in exercise being more effective, the study revealed.

A number of people also experienced a decrease in insulin resistance as a result of taking omega 3.

Reduced insulin resistance leads to the patient feeling satiated more quickly after eating, which is helpful in stopping over-eating, but it also curbs food cravings in the process.

In asthma, sufferers are unable to breathe correctly as this condition impacts airways.

This particular chronic infection of one’s airways is a much more acute disorder than many people realize.

Research conducted at the University of Sydney discovered that taking fish oil could significantly decrease the risks of people experiencing asthma attacks.

These studies were supported by results from Wyoming, where research revealed that some people underwent a reduction of their asthma symptoms when they included fish oil into their diet.

Scientists in France learned that fish oil works well at reducing the swelling that triggers airway constriction and, in turn, asthma attacks.

The very same research found that the general functioning of the breathing apparatus saw remarkable improvements as a result of including fish oil in to the diet.

While fish oil will assist to alleviate symptoms, it is still advisable that asthma sufferers continue their regular, doctor prescribed treatment.

It is proven that an expectant mother is less likely to experience depression immediately after birth if she incorporates fish oil into her diet while she is expecting a baby, by research carried out on around 9,000 Danish expectant mothers.

The chances of premature labor occurring had also been greatly lowered when a woman had sufficient levels of omega 3 in her system, the same study revealed.

Better hand-eye coordination was found in children who’d benefited from fish oil in the course of gestation, unlike infants whose mothers had not added fish oil to their diets.

Nevertheless, it isn’t recommended for expectant mothers to take any liver oil type supplements namely cod liver oil.

You are best off taking supplements sourced from pure fish oil.

Inflammation can be linked to a variety of serious health conditions, including cardiovascular disease, rheumatoid arthritis, bronchial asthma, crohn’s disease, some types of cancer and a host of other health concerns.

Fish oil has also been proven in a number of studies to promote the production of the body’s natural response chemicals that help minimize inflammation. They are medically known as prostaglandins.

People with symptoms of arthritis can take advantage of the anti-inflammatory properties of omega 3 in fish oil.

People who take fish oil supplements routinely have a lower incidence of suffering from conditions and issues caused by inflammation.

Last Word

Fish should be consumed as the main protein, at least twice weekly, according to most health and nutritional experts.

It’s recommended that you try adding other foods that contain omega 3 essential fatty acids to your diet, whether as snacks or part of any other meals.

These foods may include kelp, fresh fruits, Brazil nuts, hazelnuts, pecans and veggies.

Not every person is able to make this happen, though.

It’s possible that you may dislike the taste of fish, or fresh seafood may not be easy to find at affordable prices where you live.

For this reason, it may be a good idea to include fish oil supplements into your diet.

Your body will receive the important omega 3 fatty acids it needs to operate at peak performance.

You need to ensure you never buy sub-par or poor quality fish oil supplements.

To obtain the best results, make sure that the fish oil supplements you get contain pure fish oil that isn’t contaminated.