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Fish oil is rich in the omega 3 fatty acids DHA and EPA. Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) in many cases are cited as the beneficial constituents of fish oil.

These types of fats have biological effects that benefits the circulatory and cardiovascular system. This article makes reference to the other possible benefits research has found.

Based on research done at Case Western Reserve University, fish oil is apparently effective in the management of depression and anxiety.

The researchers noticed that, there’s a much lower amount of reported cases of clinical depression in countries where the locals eat plenty of fish in their standard diets.

Do a comparison of this to the reality that there are lots more instances of depression and anxiety found in areas where fish isn’t eaten quite as often.

Thus, it’s been shown that ingesting fish oil, served to lessen the symptoms of clinical depression, whilst also maintaining the levels of anxiety and stress due to the composition of omega 3 fatty acids.

Research conducted at the Linus Pauling Institute have revealed that a person may be facing an increased risk of developing heart problems if they are deficient in omega 3 fatty acids.

Actually, clinical tests run by the American Heart Association have shown that a regular intake of omega 3 has a significant impact on reducing the chance of cardiovascular disease.

Research also reveals that fish oil might be able to decrease and minimize atherosclerosis, as well as reducing the level of harmful triglycerides.

Fatalities caused by heart attacks were proven by the same study to be less of a risk for patients who habitually used fish oil supplements.

Taking the correct amount of fish oil weekly may play an important role in weight loss targets.

The University of South Australia carried out a research that revealed that individuals who supplemented their regular meals with fish oil, were more likely to lose a lot more weight than patients who who weren’t taking supplements at all.

The research program indicates that exercise is rendered more effective with the supplementation of fish oil, which results in less effort being required to lose weight.

Omega 3 has also been found to be effective at decreasing insulin resistance in a number of people.

The result is that the person felt more satisfied with much less food, meaning they weren’t likely to over-eat during meals, and it also helps reduce food cravings.

Short attention span, hyperactivity, lack of focus and reduced coordination, are typical classic signs children who have ADHD exhibit.

Plenty of children suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, will exhibit signs of learning disorders, dyslexia, short term memory and some developmental instability.

However, experts at the University of South Australia have discovered that incorporating fish oil to the diet of children with ADHD has somewhat of an impact on helping to improve symptoms.

Given that the brain is at least 60% fat, the brain performance of children with these particular health issues may be greatly enhanced by increasing omega 3 essential fatty acids levels.

Several different reports have discovered that fish oil may help improve brain function.

Concentration levels seem to benefit from fish oil.

As an alternative treatment for children experiencing ADHD, fish oil can offer some very good results.

Many people aren’t aware of the fact that a person who a healthy intake of omega 3 fatty acids in their body is more likely to have great skin, in addition to the numerous health advantages fish oil offers.

Your skin is better able to retain moisture in case you take fish oil supplements.

This does make life a lot easier for anyone who has flaky, dry skin.

As the skin’s ability to retain moisture improves, this contributes towards reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Fish oil has also been shown to help control acne breakouts by decreasing the production of androgen.

It has been proven that a pregnant woman is a lot less likely to endure depression right after birth if she incorporates fish oil into her diet while she’s expecting a baby, by research carried out on around 9,000 Danish women that are pregnant.

It was also revealed that a healthy amount of omega 3 indicated there was a lower chance of the woman going into labor prematurely.

It was also revealed that newborns whose mother’s had included omega 3 to their diets showed improved hand-eye coordination when compared to babies who had not had the benefits of fish oil during the course of the gestation period.

Liver oil supplements, such as cod-liver oil, however, shouldn’t be taken by pregnant women.

Alternatively, go for pure fish oil supplements instead.

Persons clinically determined to have type II diabetes may realize they carry a greater risk of contracting other health problems that may be very severe.

Scores of essential organs within the body might get affected because of the high level of sugar inside the blood.

Diabetes sufferers can experience an increased risk of stoke or heart attack as a result of blood vessels becoming damaged after a while.

Various studies report that diabetic symptoms may be decreased by careful monitoring of dieting and exercise.

Though, research done at the University of Oxford says that diabetics can reduce triglyceride in the blood by taking fish oil.

It has the impact of helping lower the risk of blocked arteries due to cholesterol (atherosclerosis), plus cutting down the risk of heart attack and stroke.

There’s been research undertaken with the University of Illinois that reports both males and females may be susceptible to suffer from fertility problems, if they get insufficient omega 3 essential fatty acids as part of the diets.

There’s a specific enzyme that may be affected in men who do not acquire adequate omega 3 essential fatty acids, affecting fertility.

The researchers found out that using fish oil to raise omega 3 levels, was good for helping to improve the quality of sperm and motility.

Likewise, in women struggling with fertility challenges, studies revealed that not enough omega 3 essential fatty acids may be to blame for infertility, additionally, there is an increased risk of miscarriage when conception happened.

The study then discovered that fish oil might play a role in aiding to bring back a more natural balance to hormone levels, that may have contributed to the fertility troubles.

Pain caused by menstrual cramping can be lowered by taking fish oil supplements.


Many health and diet experts tell people to eat fish, at least twice a week as the primary meal.

Furthermore, they recommend to get omega 3s from other sources when possible.

Other sources of omega 3 include a variety of nuts, such as Brazil nuts and hazelnuts, veggies and fruits, kelp and eggs.

Some people simply cannot do this, however.

Maybe it’s an issue of affordability, as fresh seafood can be pricey in certain regions, or perhaps you simply find it difficult to bear the taste of fish.

Incorporating fish oil supplements in your diet is a great alternative.

You will continue to get the critical omega 3 fatty acids your body requires to operate at its maximum, and boost your health.

You need to make sure that you never purchase sub-par or poor quality fish oil supplements.

It’s important to be sure that the fish oil you take is manufactured using pure concentrated fish oil that doesn’t contain contaminants, for the best results.